General Motors - Intake Gasket Failures - The Full Story

1. What General Motors Engines does this affect?
Most of the V6 engines from 1995 to 2006. this includes the 3.1 and 3.4 Liter engines. We have also seen this failure on some of the newer General Motors V8 engines.
2. What happened to my engine and was it my fault?
The intake manifold gaskets on these engines are prone to failure. After so many cycles of heating and cooling the gaskets no longer seal the engine coolant passage in the upper portion of the engine. When this seal is breached, coolant begins to mix with engine oil. If the failure is caught in time, the gasket only need be replaced. If the engine is run for a long time the coolant can dilute the engine oil and cause a failure of the engine bearings.
Depending on the severity of the failure your engine could be damaged before you know it. In all cases - its important to keep an eye on your gauges and warning lights, as it could mean the different between a minor repair and a major repair

This is the actual gasket around an cooling port on a V8 engine.

When the gasket lets loose - coolant begins to flow into the
internal portion of the engine.

Failed V6 intake gasket
3. What does the GM dealer do to fix the problem.
There was service bulletin that was issued by General Motors to address this issue. The bulletin called for a similar style replacement gasket. In our experience we have found that this newer GM gasket doesn't offer enough sealing ability to insure a good repair. There are a few cases where General Motors might offer assistance on the repair of your engine. If you are a second owner or your vehicle has over 60,000 miles then you are probably going to be declined assistance.

GM replacement gaskets
4. What do I so to insure a proper repair of my General Motors engine? D&S Engines utilizes an updated gasket kit to eliminate the engine sealing problems. We are happy to address this repair for our local customers. For those of you out of our local area - we make these gaskets available to you so that your local repair facility can properly reseal the engine. You can see in the image below that the sealing surfaces are much larger and thicker. This additional material is what allows the gasket to seal better, particularly over the many heating/cooling cycles the engine will go through.

D&S Engine replacement gasket.
Application Sale Price
GM 3.1L V6 1993-1999 VIN "M" $91.09
GM 3.1L V6 1999-2006 VIN "J" $90.78
GM 3.4L V6 1996-2005 VIN "E" $90.78
GM 4.3L V6 1996-2006 $82.06
GM 5.0L V8 1996-2002 $75.71
GM 5.7L V8 1996-2002 $75.71

Business shipping in the domestic United States is $14.95
Contact us directly to order a gasket set.
5. What happens if the engine in my vehicle is ruined by a failure of this nature? If the coolant has diluted your motor oil to the point it cannot protect vital surfaces anymore, you have have significantly damaged your engine. We provide long block remanufactured engines for all years of GM vehicles that were afflicted by this gasket problem. A long block engine is one that includes cylinder heads already attached to the engine block. The following engine prices are for exchange and do not include shipping.

1994-2005 3.1 & 3.4 V6 engines - with VIN code M,5 $1695
1996-2002 4.3 V6 engines - with VIN code W,X - $1695
1996-2001 5.0 V8 Engines - with M VIN code - $1550
1996-2001 5.7 V8 Engines - with R VIN code - $1550

Remanufactured GM V8 Engine

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